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🛠️Office Labs

Office Labs is our main department of office boys, and this is where all the magic happens. It's where we create the tools for our partner projects! Our range of tools includes everything from basic tools like Staking to more customized and exclusive tools like merge and trait store. With the goal of providing fundamental tools, we've introduced "Rent Our Tools," which you can read about in the next section. Every value generated from tool sales will be distributed as a percentage equally among NFT holders of OFCB. In other words, the more office boys you can hold, the larger your share of the cashback will be, for example, a monthly revenue of 2000 SOL from tools, where 20% goes back to the community, 15% in SOL in their wallets, and 5% in prizes to keep the games engaging. For example, 2000 SOL | 15% = 300 SOL, which is 0.13 SOL per NFT. 2000 | 5% = 100 SOL returned in prizes to the community distributed within the games. This is an example using fictional numbers to illustrate how the distribution will work.

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